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14 September 2010



Also? Things I saw that made me wish for a camera:

Berries in every colour
Crazy neighbour who keeps adding a new "No Trespassing" sign to his yard ever year. And new fencing.
That bear track.
A garden full of sunflowers. FUN!
Leaves in the rain.
The lake.
That tree down the road with the Christmas decorations on it (they've been there for 3 years now)
A new house being built.
The new house that was being built last fall that is now finished and even has a darling detached garage that's hidden in the trees.
A very cool sign.
Signs of fall.
Those funky telephone poles with their silly/spooky faces.
My shoes. (I should really get a shot of them, before and after.)
My cheap MP3 player. It works--that's all that matters!
My self--better take some befores with hope that there will be afters.

Jessica C

I used to get itchy, too!! When I was completely sedentary (read: before I started teaching martial arts for a living and therefore HAD to work out just to keep the lights on). Any time I'd do something that got my blood pumping, I'd get itchy in all the places that I'd carry weight (back then it was just my hips & butt. Ah. My body pre-children). My non-doctor's theory was thus: I could always FEEL the blood coursing in those itchy areas once I sat down, and scratching, which brings blood to the area being scratched (thus the evil genius of Mosquitos) always made the itching worse. So I surmised that it must have been blood coursing through places that my sedentary lifestyle typically allowed it to ignore.

I did just make that theory up, though.

And Bum Bra? If you figure it out I WANT one! LOL


Way to go kiddo! Keep up the good work. A little advice...invest in some epsom salts to soak in the tub with as it really will help with those aches and pains. Why don't you stroll later on when you're feeling back to normal and take all those great pics you couldn't do when jogging? Keep up the great effort..we are cheering you on, even if you look great and healthy just the way you are. Love you Mom

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