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16 September 2010



How horrible is it if I admit I liked it better long? Actually, I just like it pulled away from her face. The after shot where she has it all twisted up is one of my favourites of her. The hair tends to overwhelm her features if it's not held back.

But still very proud of her.

Cindy Russell

That was amazing and very inspiring....you have the most wonderful children.


I am very proud of what she did and what you both are doing. I think it makes her look mature and beautiful as usual. She's one of those lucky kids who can wear her hair long or short and look great! Love ya! Granma


I can personally testify that what she did will mean more to a child who needs it than either of you could ever know. I cried my way through that post, and I am so so proud of her. And of you Nicole for being the kind of mother that nurtures such great things in her children. <3

Pamela M

You are both so inspirational. You have a beautiful family with amazing values. She looks beautiful and will make some other person feel so much better. I certainly understand why you name her princess. She has a heart of gold.

Judy in huntsville - al

love it! and love the story! I donated my hair a few years back - and it surprised me how much it touched my heart to do this for someone else...


I am so touched by this. Please tell the princess to be ready for a lot of hugs on Sunday.


I just read all of your comments out loud to the Princess. She's grinning and blushing and so happy and puffed up that I really am afraid she might burst. Thank you all for your kind words.

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