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01 October 2009



"AAAWWWWWWWWWW" is right! That is absolutely fabulous! I'm so proud of her and I don't even know her! That's quite an accomplishment and having a new friend to boot is awesome!

And... I really wish fall would show up in the South! I'm used to seeing all those gorgeous colors by now (I'm originally from the Northwest). Fall doesn't show up in Alabama until at least November. Those sites you found are beautiful!


Sob! Sniffle. What a beautiful story.
I can't believe you made me cry. At work.


This is the stuff that lifetime memories are made of ! Congratulations, Princess !!! Nicole, for some genetic reason or other, all of our children (even hubby, I believe) did cross country running when we lived in the USA. And they were all good at it. And so is Princess - it is a place where friendships are made and remembered. And where skills are born and honed. Good job !


Thanks everyone. You know, I can't help but wonder if M might not have come in first if she hadn't been holding on to Princess's hand. I'm so very proud of this stranger who became my daughter's friend today.


Okay I'm not tearing up, I'm bawling!!! That is the greatest story EVER! I hope you won't mind if I share it over and over again!


Awwww ! My beautiful grandchildren never cease to amaze me and make me truly proud as does their mother! I was teary eyed reading that and don't tell anyone but even Uncle Tom went AWWW and was grinning ear to ear with pride. Tell her Granma loves her very much and how proud we all are of her here!
PS Your autumn shots are awesome! Love ya all


Sorry I should have added how proud we are also of her new best friend M. What true sportsmanship she has shown and she should get an extra big medal for what she has done. What a great new friend!


So incredible sweet. I'm so proud of princess. Way to be a true star even when things get hard!

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