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11 September 2009



a. That pole looks like a little Halloween man, VERY exciting and I approve!!

b. Your daughters hair is SO long now and I've not been gone that long. How's she do it? I want mine to grow that fast! It's not grown one inch since I left, NO JOKE!

c. I see your postings for this blog in the news feed and I get really excited every time. I LOVE IT!

d. Flossing? You go girl. I hate flossing but I do it. I'm glad I don't have to do it 2x's per day though . . .

e. Yogurt and granola? That IS good! I forgot about that and must return to that breakfast. Thanks for the inspiration!

f. I think that's all. You're a great writer and picture taker. YOU GO GIRL!


The tree looks like it's singing. Love it


If the Chia seeds sprout that quickly, leave them for lunch. Mmmmmm sprouts! :)

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