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25 August 2009



Make a trail of reese's pieces out to the woods. Or M&Ms . . . do skunks like M&Ms? It worked for ET, right??


I like it! Except it might lead my kids away instead of the skunk!


Aye, NOT good! When I was bleaching my face last night, long story, I smelled skunk and really wondered if it was the bleach! I was FREAKED OUT! But now, it was a little buddy outside our home somewhere as well so I feel your pain. If he's really living in your barn? I say trap him and get rid of him otherwise you're whole place is gonna stink forever. Good luck! And awesome picture!!


A couple of things to consider...what happens if ler skunk is a female? You could end up with more skunks than you know what to do with..even if they are cute( baby ones are adorable but carry Momma's perfume until they are old enough to have their own). Also don't forget about Sasha. What happens when they meet. Best bet is to have it trapped humanely and relocated to a new home. I can't help but wonder if your friend has picked out it's new winter residents. Cute luck kiddo...keep us posted. Love ya Mom

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