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05 August 2009



Congratulations, Nicole !! You are one of the few humans alive who are actually willing to change your direction with new information. Welcome to a new way of life. A mind once expanded by a new idea (or experience) never returns to its original shape. YAY !!!


Good for you, Nicole!! I'm glad you found something that works for you and that it's making all difference in the world in how you feel everyday. Isn't that wonderful?


So happy for you! BTW, I've been taking Vitamin B for years, but found that Amazon Trade Company has a liquid Vit B that is amazing! It is easily absorbed, and I notice the same changes you did, more energy, happier. Right now I have to take their children's version, cause nursing and too much Vit. B don't mix (baby would be awake..all...the...time!) but it's still fantastic. I'm running on an average of 1 1/2 hours of sleep a night and still able to function.
Anyway, super happy to hear about your back. Now, if you wanted to come on out here, I'd be more than willing to teach you that jig...


Congratulations! I could tell your weren't feeling well at times, but didn't know what the deal was and certainly didn't want to pry. SO I"m so glad that things are better. May you have happy, productive and pain free days full of lasting memories form here on out.

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