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18 February 2009



Oh, Cole. I'm sorry. At Christmas time, I'm jealous of you cold weather folks, but now... Well, take some over-the-Internet sunshine from Florida. ((()))


Hope this new post means you are feeling better. We too long for the warm sunny carefree days of summer,especially since we had a small taste of plus double digit temperatures, snow melted, grass started to appear and along with that came hope. However, it seems old man winter has just been toying with us as snow, blowing snow, and the treat of squalls are even now hovering just beyond our visuals, waiting to pounce once again tomorrow. Must not discouraged...just alittle longer...must hang on.......

Cali Girl

Amen Sister! On Sunday after church, all I wanted to do was go for a bike ride to a park and have a pic-nic. We'd do that sometimes in Cali . . . we'll not the bike ride part because Ryan and I didn't own bikes there but the kids would ride and we'd walk. It was so relaxing and so fun. Ohhhhhhh the warm days of summer . . . except I'd like them without the mosquitoes please.


Hubby's birthday is in June and we ALWAYS celebrate with our first official pic-nic of the year. We didn't even mean to make it a tradition, it just happened a couple of years in a row and now all the kids insist on it. The cabin fever must be getting to us all, because just yesterday both girls asked me how much longer we had to wait until Daddy's birthday so we can have a picnic?

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