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19 February 2009



I think this may be grounds for divorce. *I* would certainly think twice about being married to me after this. Certainly about letting me weild the clippers. Maybe my cutting days are over?

BTW, when we were trying to fix it, I thought about calling someone, anyone for help. I asked him if his mom had ever had this problem. He said NO, very steely voiced and confident.

I knew this was a bad idea.

Cali Girl

I'm JUST LAUGHING AND LAUGHING AND LAUGHING!!! GO GC! I think it's gonna be awesome. I can't wait to see him on Sunday! That's a great story, but really, you DO have to take a picture because it's a funny memory. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

Oh, and you probably shouldn't call his meeting next week a big "wig" meeting, that's just mean. :-)

I so want to see it. You have to post a picture. He can cover his face if he wants. But I agree with Cali Girl...it's a good memory.

I don't know if you remember Cory's bad haircut. They barber did it the exact same way you did...no guard. It happened about 2 weeks before he came back to pick us up in AZ and I still thought it was way too short. Poor guys was so embarrassed. So tell hubby that even professionals can make mistakes.

Jess Cabrera

Oh, boy. I know JUST how you feel. And in your defense, cutting hair, but especially men's hair, is HARD.

My grandma is was a beautician (her word), and she taught a little to my mom. That meant that back in the 80's I'd help her with her home perms. THAT I can do.

But a few years ago my now brother-in-law handed me some clippers and asked me to even him up.

I TOLD him not to ask me. I TOLD him it was not, not, not a good idea. But he tried to convince me anyway. Told me how easy it was. And he also ended up with a shaved head.

Oh, boy.

I feel your pain.


Oh no!!! Well at least you were able to laugh (very impressive) and at least it will grow back (unlike my poor hubby's) Loved how you wizzed through the "big-wig" play on words like you hadn't noticed! LOL


Did I ever make a similar mistake? OH YES!!! On your younger brother, Hubby, and on your older brother----have a look at some old family pictures! And Papa had his head "shaved" as an experiment just before we returned from the states, and then had his driver's license picture taken! Call it an adventure and move on. And your dear wife will again pick up the scissors and get back on that horse that just tossed her off and ride off into the sunset, eventually to become a proficient haircutter. Nothing worthwhile is ever acheived without some disasters/adventures.

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