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12 January 2009



I just heard about this on the news this week and they didn't even scratch the surface in their coverage. Thanks for the links, I added my name to the petitions.

Cali Girl

So I had not heard anything about this till I read it here on your blog. I guess that's what I get for living outside my own country. Suffice it to say, I can see why they are doing it because yes, we do worry about the children. But let's be honest here. Anytime I shop at a thrift store, or Ross or Winners type of stores, or dollar stores or in Mexico or any other country I always realize in my brain that in all truth? Whatever's in my cart could be full of lead and other chemicals and that's a risk I'M, ME, MYSELF is taking. If I was unsure and worried I could just not buy it because I'm a (semi) intelligent adult and can really make my own decisions and no one is MAKING me buy anything. So to stop everyone in their tracks for using their God given talents to develop awesome home/hand made things for others that THEY want is just ridiculous! If someone is concerned, JUST DON'T BUY it. Sheesh! One day we're all gonna be robots if we don't watch out. Scary. So more power to you homemakers with awesome talents, I've got my fingers crossed for you!

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