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12 December 2008


I love the weather topic. I love actally having something to talk about. Seriously. I've always felt like the weather reporters in AZ must be the "butt" of jokes in the weather reporting comunity. Seriously, who would want to report weather there? "It's going to be sunny and hot again." They must be the losest graduates from weather reporting school. Doesn't take a validictorian to right about the weather there.

Anyway, I think it's great to hear eveyones perspective on weather. It's all so relative. I just love this weather today. It's new and exciting. I loved shoveling the driveway of all the ice chunks this morning. But I don't have to leave the house in it either.

So, I'm about 5'6" tall. How does your mom's fiance compare to me?

Jessica C


As someone who has not lived in snow since she was 10 years old, I find all of your pictures pretty frightening. My blood has thinned.

I can distinctly remember asking my mom to let me go out and play when it was 20 below, but now? Today it's 57 deg. outside, and I think I might die from cold.

Hope, for your sake, that you get some snow though.

Your Wimpy Friend from Florida


Hi you visited my blog yesterday and asked about my star mini album I made it frim scratch and will post the instructions on my blog on Saturday!

Di from Johannesburg!

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