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28 October 2008



Welcome to parenthood. For generations in the past and to come, parents will only want what is best for their children. They will share in their joys, and feel the very pain of their sorrows and miseries. Your disappointments are ours as well. We weren't disappointed in you so much as FOR you as we felt your disappointment in yourself. Just remember no matter what you succeed in or fail at I will always love you and be very proud of you, just as you will be of your children.


Thanks Mom, but I think you missed the point. What I'm lamenting is that they can't seem to relax and enjoy themselves when there's a parent around. Other children seem to do just fine, even have fun, when one of their parents attends a game or a field trip or whatever. They LIKE having their parents there. Some even do better, basking in parental attention. Our kidlets freeze up. If we were to attend some sort of competition, just having us there would cause them to lose. That's sad and what I want to fix. I want to be able to cheer them on in person without it throwing their game. I can't figure out where we went wrong or how to fix it. :(


I realized your point but also picked up on your comment about when you were growing up and chose to comment on that. AS for you and my grandchildren, relax. As I have said before you are doing a great job with them...just give them the time to develop their own self confidence. I think that is all the problem is. You guys do most things as a family which is great, and they have to get used to the idea of having fun with others. Also perhaps they think that if they run around in doors, as the fitness event was, and have fun , thus getting excited and noisy, you may say tone it down as we all do in our homes. it's just a matter of learning what's acceptable and where and gaining that self confidence...just as you do to believe that you are awesome parents and are doing a great job. It just takes a little growing. Love you

Jessica C

Hey. Deep breath.

I teach martial arts (primarily to kids) as my job. Which means that I'm in this situation pretty much every day. I have Seen. It. All. And your kids behaving that way is not unusual at all. Especially for kids in a new situation.

The key is how you handled it, which sounded perfect. Because the parents that stick around all worried, have the kids that never stop being upset. It takes a lot of will power, and I don't know how y'all do it... but usually the only way to get them acclimated is to let them go. :)

But rest assured, that the parents that let their kids be upset for a little while, usually return to find kids that are playing, involved, and happy to be there. Sometimes it takes a couple classes. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes. But trust me, you did good. :)

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