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31 October 2008


Cali Girl

Nicole you make me laugh. I think we're all realizing the "Doom" the internet and all this link up is causing. I however will NEVER delete you from my blog . . . you'll have to remove yourself from that if you want out. And sometimes I think I actually post too much on there but like you said in another post, it's MY journal first and then a novelty for others. So no worries.

Facebook? I actually hate it. I never wanted to join in the first place. I caved because it seemed like everyone where we lived was a part and I was missing out. Sometimes I like missing out though I've found. Anyways, I hate the slutty pictures old friends post of themselves that I never really wanted to see. I loathe how some try to look better than others by what they post . . . so like high school- a competition. YUCK! And, I think it gives people of the world too much information about our personal lives which is exactly why my blog went private. It was so fun being open but when the wrong person gets their eyeballs on it and doesn't understand your humor is proves disastrous. I think it all stinks. Maybe people just aren't meant to link up with all those lost friends though I admit some are fun to find again.

So no worries. Plus, it's the holidays, I bet people and the internet are just busy. They'll all come back to you eventually because you're hard to live without! And know that unless you boot me, I'll be here everyday checkin' to see what you're up to!


The internet is trying to break me as well. I'm not so much a lurker...I like to comment but when you've commented daily for weeks and not even a "hey thanks" from the author that breaks you down a little bit too.

I agree with Cali Girl...I bet people are just trying to enjoy the last of the really nice days (weather wise anyway) before it starts getting icky....that's what I think anyway for all the "disappearing" people in blogland.

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