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24 September 2008



Dear daughter, Your little beeper has already interrupted whatever you were doing to change loads( great idea by the way),so your up there already, just fold the clothes as you take them out of the dryer and put them in each person's basket to go to their room. It's a great habit to get into and will save you from having to tackle a mountain of laundry later to reclaim your room and less wrinkles! Love you Mom


I LOVE IT!!! Thanks, that's a great idea. I too have had many loads of stinky clothes because they've been forgotten.

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

I think I need to try this. I keep forgetting a load in the washer!

Mrs. Q

*Running to Dollar Tree to get my own timer*

My husband is forever exasperated because I forget about my laundry in the garage. This is a great tip! Thank you for saving my marital harmony...lol!


Hey Mom :)

The thing is, it only takes seconds to deal with the wet laundry and get it drying. It takes MINUTES to deal with folding, even if I'm not putting away. Sometimes I don't have those minutes right then. I believe I'm going to start doing it each evening though. As long as ER isn't on! ;)


This idea was so great, I went and got myself one of those gadgets. Believe it - they work! And now another pearl I learned from Mya - never do anything yourself that you can get someone else to do for you. Nola has a great idea - put the clean but unfolded clothes in the kids (label it with their name) dishpan, put the dishpan on the stair tread going upstairs and forget about it.


We mostly do that! The girls are both old enough (in my opinion) to fold and put away their own clothes. I sort their stuff into their baskets and they're responsible for it. The boy still needs a little help--mostly because he can't reach his closet shelves. I need a new organization system for him so he can do his thing too. That just leaves Hubby and I and overcoming my own lazy tendencies!

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