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16 September 2008



Oh the migration! Matt lost probably 4 lunch pails and 5 sweat shirts in one school year. I was ready to make him get a job and pay for his own clothes! It doesn't matter that you write their names on stuff I swear kids just take whatever they can find and claim it as theirs. So far this year nothings gone missing . . . knock on wood but I'm sure it's coming. Arggghhhhh. Good luck!


Every parent needs to invest in iron on name tags or a few good sharpie pens and label EVERYTHING and then if something comes home that doesn't belong to you,(it's not your kid's name on it) or nothing comes home but goes in the lost and found,surely teachers can read(after all they are teachers) and thus reunite the child and misplaced item. This hopefully can spare a few budgets and nightmares. After all there are enough nightmares with homework, school projects etc. Love ya


I totally get the migration thing....my girlie started kindergarten a month ago and already a lunch box, an ice pack and countless hair bows, ribbons and clips! Too funny!
Thanks for the happy birthday song!


Oh, my! My son never seems to lose anything at school, where as my daughter - she has a knack for losing items!

Thanks for stopping by!


hello! visiting from the blog train...

LOL! reminds me of my son when he was in elementary school. he "lost" a coat, hat, mittens, and i think even a lunchbox. i'm hoping it gets better in middle school.

and we too have a no toys at school policy. it was really hard for our son when other kids brought toys, but school is just not the place for them.


I lose things in my own house--I don't know how I ever survived elementary school. Maybe that's the REAL reason my parents decided to homeschool ... and my crying bouts every morning were just an excuse!


oh, yes - the migration. if i only had a nickel for each item my kids have taken to school, never to be seen again!


You know, you'd think parents would check suspicious items their kids bring home. I do. I label all big items like coats, back packs, lunch boxes, etc. We too have a strict no toys policy to school. We get the "But Sam got to bring his car today." Oh well. I don't pay for Sam's toys.

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