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15 September 2008



Funny thing is Cole, I couldn't tell you why I liked them so much either, and I've read the whole series a few times. It has that feel of a naughty indulgence, especially considering the type of literature I'm usually drawn to (i.e. Bill Bryson or Pearl Buck.) Part of it may be that I was rooting for the underdog, since I started reading them before it was the hip thing to do. I loved the idea of this kindred Mormon spirit out there, one who also had Anne Rice novels next to her McConkie Messiah series.
I, for one, am a Jacob fan, because at least his character does go through major changes. He's also, to me, a healthy and believable character. Beyond that though, there is no defineable reason for me to love reading them over and over.
I hope you do read the last two. Stephenie matures as an author along the way, and even with all the negative press about Breaking Dawn, she ties up loose ends and gives us a happy ending.
As for Firefly, I'm glad you liked it. After mentioning it to a couple of people, I realized that there is some questionable content. Now its your turn to suggest reading/watching materials!


Not yet Im purposefully not joining until it starts raining here and then Ill have something to do when it rains everyday!


Okay, so I have Twilight sitting on my table waiting for October. Not really my "type" of reading (like you, I have a degree in English lit) but it's for a book club. Maybe I'll take a peek while waiting in the kindergarten pick-up line.

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