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23 September 2008



Well Nicole, truth be told my kids have played for 3 years now and I STILL ask myself those same questions mostly because it started to not be fun once they got homework. Now they feel like they are too busy to play with friends or kick back and relax and sometimes I feel the same. Still it's good to push right????


Don't worry. Mine both started at five. I started at five. My mom started at four. It's a really good thing for kids - the learning, the having to practice at something, the overcoming challenges. It builds confidence, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Just remember - playing the piano is 10% about talent and 90% about practicing. Practicing is something you'll surely fight over, but stay strong. I've never, never, NEVER heard an adult who plays say, "Man, I wish my mother had let me quit piano." Never heard it. It's a very good thing. :>


i agree, it's so hard to figure out where to push, and where to lay off. Seems like things are so much more complicated these days. But maybe it's because we're not looking at it from a kid's perspective.
but that's true, i can't imagine anyone regretting that they learned to play any instrument.

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