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18 January 2008


Korie B.

I, too, am a lifetime loser. I keep checking the LOAD winners every day because I'm always hopeful.


If I remember clearly you did beat me at Scrabble. I too am a "loser" when it comes to games. I start off strong but I just can't maintain it. Every once in a while I get lucky but those times are rare are far between.

Nicole (canadacole)

I remember winning once too...but after the initial joy (I FINALLY won a game!) I waited in vain for it to appear in my statistics. The last time I checked (last week), it still hadn't. See? It's like the universe will cease to exist if it has to admit to me winning something.

I think losers should be allowed to play against losers though--maybe we're only allowed to play loser *coughWoWcough* games?

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